Because the sun shines for longer in Ticino.

It’s not for nothing that the canton of Ticino is known as Switzerland’s suntrap. As summer gradually takes its leave across the rest of the country, it lingers here until well beyond October.

During this special time, the hustle and bustle of high summer gives way to the unmistakable magic of late summer and autumn. The last intense rays of sunshine cast a pleasant warmth; the hills around the Hotel Eden Roc are rendered in stunning shades of gold and reflected in the glittering Lake Maggiore. August to October is ideal for enjoying days in the sun without the heat and busyness of midsummer. At this time of year, Ascona and its surroundings are the ideal place to reacquaint oneself with the things that really matter: relaxation, the joy of life and the beauty of nature.

But what might a late summer break look like? As at every other time of year, the view of the lake is your constant companion: with your morning cappuccino, your dip in the pool, your drink in the Marina restaurant. Around and about the hotel, too, there are a range of activities and events on offer to make your stay truly unforgettable.

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Thanks to our Moving Mountains activity programme and our Outdoor Butler Cyrill Oehrli, lasting memories are guaranteed. Bake bread in a traditional wood-fired oven, take in the region with a bike tour, sail on Lake Maggiore or enjoy a tavolata – a table of delicious food with friends – in an abandoned mountain village: whatever your heart’s desire, Cyrill is here to help make it happen. At our weekly Serate Ticinesi (Ticinese Evenings), we put tradition on the table – after, of course, a companionable game of Italian bocce.

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Corippo - Valle Verzasca - 4 (© Ascona-Locarno Tourism - foto Alessio Pizzicannella)
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If you’d rather discover Ticino under your own steam, we’ve plenty of ideas to get you started. The pleasant temperatures of late summer and autumn make these the perfect months for an invigorating hike. Our insider tips? Head from Val Onsernone to Pilone, the ‘ghost village’ of Cevio, the Val Calnegia and Monte Cambarogno – or wander through the shady forests of Bosco/Gurin in the spectacular Maggia Valley. The choice is yours!

Of course, a little luxurious indulgence should not be missing from the menu – not least because late summer is wine season. Many of Ticino’s winegrowers and wineries are happy to offer a glimpse behind the scenes of local wine production, with subsequent tastings highly recommended. Both the Azienda Mondo and Azienda Bianchi wineries offer guided tours with sumptuous tasting experiences.

There are all these reasons and more to take advantage this magical time of year for a restorative break in Ticino. As ever, our concierge team will be on hand to help you plan and organise your itinerary. Last but not least, the following staples of the event calendar are firm favourites among our guests – and the perfect way to round out your trip.



  • Ascona Polo Cup  Ascona   01 September 2023 – 03 September 2023 

  • Tavolata a Corippo: Experience Ticino’s first albergo diffuso  Corippo   2 September 2023 

  • Locarno Triathlon  Locarno  2 September 2023 – 3 September 2023 

  • Serata Ticinese (Ticinese Evenings) Pergola   5 September 2023 / 12 September 2023 

  • Locarno City of Guitars  Locarno  08 September 2023 – 10 September 2023 

  • Longines CSI Ascona Show Jumping Competition  Ascona   7 September 2023 – 10 September 2023 

  • Tavolata sul Pontile (Table on the Jetty) Jetty 8 September 2023 

  • 4-Hands-Dinner with Maximilian Schmidt La Brezza  17 September 2023 

  • Ascona Classic Car Award "Concorso d’eleganza"  Ascona  23 September 2023 – 24 September 2023 

  • The Star Chef’s Lunch  La Brezza  24 September 2023 




  • Tavolata a Corippo: Experience Ticino’s first albergo diffuso Corippo   7  October 2023 

  • Sagra d'autunno (Autumn Festival) Ascona  7 October 2023

  • Herbstfest (Autumn Festival) Ascona   7. October 2023 

  • Selvaggio Golf-Trophy   Golf Ascona / Restaurant La Brezza (Party)   14. October 2023 

  • Chestnut Festival Ascona   14 October 2023 

  • Ascona-Locarno Run  Locarno  14 October 2023 – 14 October 2023 

  • Sapori e Saperi Festival of Food and Crafts Bellinzona  20 October 2023 – 22 October 2023 

  • International Classic Jazz Workshop Ascona  30 October 2023 – 05 November 2023 

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