Springtime in Ticino: 5 reasons to head to Ascona

Spring is a time of awakening, renewal and discovery – and there are few better places than Ticino to experience this life-affirming season. It is not for nothing, after all, that Switzerland’s southernmost canton is also considered one of its most beautiful. The Hotel Eden Roc is at once a peaceful haven and your ideal base for unforgettable adventures. Here are five reasons to make Ticino your next destination.

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Vitamin sun

Known affectionately as Switzerland’s sun terrace, Ticino enjoys a pleasant spring with mild temperatures and an abundance of sunshine. While the last patches of snow are melting elsewhere in the country, the canton’s magnolias and camellias are already in bloom. The exceptionally clement weather is ideal for long walks by the lake or through the charming alleyways of Ticinese villages.


Relax & Recharge at the Hotel Eden Roc

When did you last get a break from the everyday – a chance to simply take a deep breath and let time stand still? Our exclusive “Relax & Recharge” offer promises the ideal of blend of relaxation and nourishing movement. Recharge your batteries with a Moving Mountains experience that brings you closer to the beauty of the Ticino landscape, then relax with a customised revitalising 50-minute massage. This harmonious pairing delivers a well-earned time out to bring your body and mind in rhythm with the invigorating energy of spring.

Isole di Brissago - Lago Maggiore - ST (© Switzerland Tourism - foto Ivo Scholz)

Island escape

Located just 20 minutes from Ascona are the idyllic Brissago Islands, a group of two islands in Lake Maggiore where nature thrives in all its splendour. Together, the two form Ticino’s botanical park: while the smaller showcases indigenous vegetation; the larger hosts a botanical garden with an enchanting range of plant varieties from all over the world. As spring enters full bloom, the islands serve as a peaceful haven: one where visitors can drink in the lush new life and be at one with the flora and fauna.

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Awakening of the taste senses

Spring in Ticino is a feast for all the senses – and the culinary delights of Lake Maggiore mean the taste buds are well catered for. Where could be better to feel the first rays of sunshine on your face than the terrace next to the glittering lake, a masterfully mixed cocktail in hand? For a bite to eat, head to Marina Restaurant to sample its newly unveiled menu – a triumph of culinary diversity, ranging from classic dim sum to exciting tasting menus by chef Marco Vastarella. Or how about spaghetti alle vongole, which alone is reason enough to pay us a visit?

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Venture new discoveries

Our diverse menu of Moving Mountains activities invites you to explore the hidden corners of the region and celebrate life in the spirit of play. Moving Mountains seeks to open doors to joyful new experiences: learning the secrets of honey harvesting at our very own bee hotel, enjoying a relaxed fishing trip on Lake Maggiore, getting the blood pumping on a bike tour through the picturesque landscape or greeting the day with a sunrise hike in the breathtaking mountains.

Whether you want to discover far-flung corners of the wonderful region, sample culinary excellence or simply relax in style this spring – The Hotel Eden Roc warmly welcomes you to Ascona.

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