The Basement: Where tradition meets modernity

The Tschuggen Grand Hotel is home to The Basement, a restaurant that combines the nostalgic charm of Grandma’s cooking with the elegance and innovation of contemporary alpine cuisine. Deeply rooted in the local culture, the restaurant is more than just its delightful menu: it is a cultural experience with authenticity and warmth at its heart.

The Basement’s menu celebrates the rich variety of flavours the region has to offer. Local, sustainably produced ingredients – from organic beef grazed on Arosa pastures to cheese from the Maran alpine dairy – are carefully selected and prepared to whisk guests on a culinary journey through the region. Fusing traditional recipes with contemporary gastronomic influences, our chefs create unique flavours that touch the soul and delight the palate.

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In addition to classics like Trüffel Hörnli (Swiss-style truffle macaroni) and Grandma’s apple strudel, the menu features a diverse selection of plant-based creations and wild superfoods such as sea buckthorn and Albula potatoes. Each ingredient tells its own unique story. Together, they embody our deep respect for nature and the culinary heritage of the Grisons.

Not merely a dining experience, but a portal to a cultural world

The Basement transcends the boundaries of a conventional restaurant and invites guests to step inside a rich cultural world. Diners can discover all things Grisons in our fascinating ‘Basement Büechli’ pamphlets or have fun with a round or two of dice game Tschigg, a long-time local favourite. Beyond the table, the thoughtfully styled interior – replete with souvenirs from mountain adventures past – invites guests to discover the memories immortalised therein. The hotel’s own bowling alley provides an enjoyable change of pace as the evening draws on. Rounding out the experience are hand-painted rustic ceramics and lovingly engraved wine glasses – always, of course, containing fine Grisons wines.

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The Basement Tschuggen Grand Hotel Arosa (3)
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