Casa Epper: A place of inspiration

Casa Epper is a picturesque haven for minds that seek tranquillity and hearts that long for art. Part of the Hotel Eden Roc since 2020, this little slice of heaven is more than just a physical space: it’s an invitation to trace the footsteps of artists Ignaz and Mischa Epper and be touched by the beauty of Ticino and the power of art.

Once the birthplace of the Eppers’ artistic works, Casa Epper today is an oasis of peace and creativity in the picturesque Ascona hills. This historic site is a place of encounter and exchange, open to all who crave immersion in the mindset of the artist. Located in a secluded spot at the entrance to the hotel, it offers workshops, lectures and talks in addition to visual exhibitions.


Lose yourself in the quiet of nature

Out in the idyllic garden, the Ticino sun illuminates the flora in the way that only it knows how. Works of art dotted here and there invite you to pause and reflect. The lovingly restored bowls alley, once a favourite hangout for the artistic couple, invites you to explore creative whims as you play. But the garden is more than just the sum of its parts: it is an oasis of calm that invites you to read, meditate, practise yoga, or relax and reflect in whichever way the mood takes you.

Time to encounter oneself

Casa Epper stands for the value of time; time to savour the stillness of nature, time to get back in touch with oneself. Its garden reflects the vision of the Hotel Eden Roc and the wider Tschuggen Collection: to create places where guests can reconnect with the value of time and feel history come alive. Here at Casa Epper, the past is not merely a silent memory: it is a source of inspiration that teaches us to appreciate the now and welcome the future with open arms.

This magical spot is a hidden pearl of Ascona just waiting to be discovered. Come explore it for yourself.

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Discover the detailed plan of Casa Epper here and what treasures await you in this artistic place.

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