Taking responsibility and raising awareness

The Tschuggen Collection is the first Swiss premium hotel group to bring effective climate protection measures and exceptional standards of hotel management under one roof. Our prized locations amidst spectacular natural beauty serve as a daily reminder of our firmly-held belief: that protecting the environment is the most important challenge of our time.

One of Switzerland’s most sustainable hotels - Valsana Hotel Arosa

Built in 2017, the Valsana boasts a completely CO2-neutral building infrastructure that is heated and operated entirely without fossil (or other) fuels thanks to an ice battery based on geothermal energy and heat recovery at 1,800 meters above sea level.

2 - Emissionen
Minimising emissions

Thanks to innovative energy concepts, heat recovery systems, thermal insulation and consumption optimization, a reduction of more than 60% of the Tschuggen Collection's total fossil fuel consumption has already been achieved over the last 10 years. In addition, all electricity is 100% eco-certified.

Target 2025: Ban of fossil fuels

The new energy system with lake water pumps for the Hotel Eden Roc is expected to achieve a further 20% of the total savings in fossil fuels. The aim is to almost completely dispense with fossil fuels by 2025.
This will be followed by an energy concept with a photovoltaic façade for the Tschuggen Grand Hotel.

3 - Klimaschutzprojekte
Financing climate protection projects

By financing climate protection projects even beyond the level of calculated residual emissions, the Tschuggen Collection also takes responsibility for the parts of its ecological footprint that cannot yet be reduced.

Group 134

Intact moorlands represent some of the most efficient CO2 reservoirs on earth. The Tschuggen Collection therefore finances the renaturation of drained moorlands throughout Switzerland, thereby supporting efficient climate protection and the promotion of biodiversity.

The Tschuggen Collection | Bos-Cha Renaturierung Engadin
Rewilding – Projects to date

Projects to date:
2019: Rewilding of a raised bog of national importance in the Tourbières de Ponts-de-Martel nature reserve in the canton of Neuchâtel
2022: Rewilding of the Bos-cha lowland moor in the Lower Engadin
2023: Rewilding of the Palü Lunga lowland moor in the Lower Engadin (under implementation)


All dishes at the Tschuggen Collection are based on fresh natural products. Up to now however, 240 species have already become extinct in Switzerland and around 1/3 of all species are considered endangered. Therefore, the company invests in rewilding projects, extensive greening, insect hotels and its own bee colonies.

5 - Zertifizierung
Green Globe Certification

All four hotels of the Tschuggen Collection have been certified with the globally recognised Green Globe label since 2021. The Green Globe label of quality is awarded to tourism and events companies whose activities are geared towards the respectful and economical use of resources.

6 - Massnahmen
What else we’re doing

With the help of well thought-out offers, efforts are being made to positively influence the ecological footprint. Further measures to reduce emissions include attention to optimized circulation management during renovation work and new purchases as well as ongoing training for all employees.

7 - Ausgleich Reise
Joining forces to protect the climate

The CO2 footprint caused by travelling to and from our hotels can be offset by guests directly on site. The corresponding amount is calculated jointly and is donated in full directly to myclimate for the project to finance efficient cookers in Kenya.

power by ice

Valsana’s game changing ice battery

When building the Valsana Hotel in Arosa, we created a hotel for the future. A hotel with sustainability at its core that is powered entirely without fossil fuels. How did we do it? By using geothermal energy and an ice battery that heats the entire complex.

More information on our sustainability initiatives and activities