Inspired by nature: The new Grand Restaurant

The Carlton Hotel’s newly opened Grand Restaurant is a hymn to nature and the culinary delights of the Engadin. Under the direction of Executive Chef Salvatore Frequente, known for his innovative and creative cuisine, guests enjoy a fusion of traditional and contemporary gourmet cuisine.

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Nestled amidst the majestic Engadin mountains and the idyllic Lake St. Moritz, the Grand Restaurant takes guests on a journey that befits its extraordinary location. Frequente’s exquisite menu is a stage upon which local produce and wild products from local forests play the leading role.

From field to plate: authentic, sustainable cuisine

In keeping with the Tschuggen Collection’s holistic 'Moving Mountains' philosophy, the culinary concept honours the power of plant-based foods. The philosophy is artfully reflected in the diverse flavours of the restaurant’s winter menus.

Both the look and flavour of the dishes are inspired and enhanced by carefully selected seasonal ingredients, picked and arranged with the utmost care. Among them, local superfoods such as sea buckthorn and juniper berries are given the chance to tell their story. The individual dishes serve as unique expressions of regional ties and seasonal diversity, forming part of a dining experience that celebrates connection to nature and the rich variety of the region.

Head Chef Salvatore Frequente Carlton Hotel St. Moritz

A master of his trade, Salvatore Frequente has always drawn inspiration from the great outdoors. For him, every foray through Ticino or the Engadin forests is a chance to discover new treasures for his culinary creations. These ingredients – from pickled vegetables and juicy fruits to aromatic wild herbs and mushrooms – are the secret stars that enrich his winter dishes in an exquisitely understated way.

An interior that reflects the landscape

Conceived by noted Ticino interior designer Carlo Rampazzi, the all-new interior is an homage to the Engadin landscape. Large windows framed by beige linen curtains invite nature into the light, earthy-toned space, subtly focusing diners’ attention towards the artfully prepared ingredients on the plate.

These thoughtful interiors mark the Grand Restaurant as more than just a culinary destination. Instead, it is a place where nature, fine dining and creativity come together in a space that enchants with its simplicity and elegance. To visit the Grand Restaurant is not just to dine; it is to savour an experience that touches all the senses.

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