Boiling it down to the essentials: Moving Mountains in the festive kitchen

The festive season – a time to reflect and slow down, a time between looking back and looking forward. Well, allegedly… Because the hustle and bustle actually catches many of us out. Between the stress of Christmas and last-minute New Year’s Eve preparations, we often forget what’s really essential. It’s precisely this sense of the essential that makes Moving Mountains. Peeling away what’s not important and focusing on the basics: the interaction between human beings and nature. And all without making any sacrifices – quite the opposite, in fact. Because the more we give to nature, the more it gives back to us.

With “Nourish”, one of the five pillars of Moving Mountains, we want to provide the body with proper, local, plant-based nutrition to encourage regeneration. Regeneration, which the body craves especially in such exhausting times. This is a brilliant concept to integrate into your kitchen this holiday season to create dishes that do you good. Renowned chefs Marco Campanella (Hotel Eden Roc, Ascona), Uwe Seegert (Tschuggen Grand Hotel, Arosa) and Caterina Sara Vosti (Hotel Eden Roc, Ascona) share their personal Moving Mountains festive recipes.


“Cinnamon, star anise, cloves, juniper berries – for me, these aromas encapsulate the festive mood. Used correctly, the right spices can replace a lot of the sugar in a recipe and lend something special to every dish. My apple pie smells like winter and is made with a polenta base, which is how it’s traditionally done in Ticino.” Caterina Sara Vosti, Head Chef at “Restaurant Eden Roc” at Hotel Eden Roc

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“Christmas time is based on tradition, memories and familiarity. I like to think outside the box and combine familiar ingredients with more unusual ones. That’s how you create things that can surprise people, even at Christmas. The pumpkin and fig tart is a good example of this, and a successful accompaniment to a starter salad.” Uwe Seegert, Head Chef at the “Grand Restaurant” at the Tschuggen Grand Hotel

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“When I think about Christmas time, I have a very specific image in mind: the breakfast table. The excitement and joy at the thought of the day ahead and kicking off the festivities. And, of course, festive table decorations. My pancakes combine plant-based nutrition with this specific feeling.” Marco Campanella, Head Chef at “La Brezza” at Hotel Eden Roc

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