A natural playground for young adventurers: Welcome to the Kids Club

Nestled deep within the Tschuggen Grand Hotel is a veritable paradise for young adventurers: our new-look Kids Club. Here, we bring the outdoors in to create a world that is at once playful and educational. It provides young ones with a gentle introduction to all things sustainability - the most important issue of our time.

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Young visitors need not go far before they encounter their first adventure – an impressive climbing area at the club’s entrance. This is just the beginning. Further inside, a discovery treehouse brings the animals of the forest to life, while a cosy reading corner invites young minds to linger and dream.

For slightly older guests, a separate Teens Club offers a games table, PlayStation 5 and comfy beanbags: the perfect place for not-quite-adults to relax and unwind.

Young creativity is nurtured in the Creative Corner, which comes equipped with a colouring table and an enchanting photo mural depicting the rich fauna of the forest. A play corner offers space for shared fun.

Focus on sustainability: a world of play with the environment at its heart

The club’s commitment to sustainability is evident throughout. Plastic toys are eschewed in favour of wooden ones, which serve to gently prompt small visitors to think about the natural world. The natural colours on the walls and stone wall at the entrance, which doubles up as a climbing wall, encourage a sense of being immersed in nature.

Play while learning

The Kids Club programme is thoughtfully designed to combine play and learning, always with a focus on nature, sustainability and environmental awareness. Activities range from spotting animal tracks in the snow to crafting with recyclable materials and baking delicious cookies in the hotel kitchen. Children can learn to recognise bird calls, make their own soap, or even try their hand at roasting chestnuts.

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This magical hideaway in the Tschuggen Grand Hotel is more than just a regular holiday club. It is a place where children’s natural curiosity is nurtured, their creativity awakened, and their keen minds gently encouraged to consider the importance of protecting our world.

The concept and realisation with MyLittleRoom show how well-thought-out interior design can create an inspiring play world for children.

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Kids Club Tschuggen Grand Hotel Arosa
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