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Valsana winter: 8 December 2023 - 7 April 2024#

A gateway between the village and the Arosa forest, the Valsana is your stylish base for mountain sports, year-round adventure and blissful relaxation.

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Valsana Hotel

To SKI or not to SKI?

That is not the question. Because the answer is obvious: once you see the view outside, there’s no way you can resist the draw of the mountains! The Arosa Lenzerheide ski area has long been recognised as a mecca for winter sports lovers.

Valsana Hotel Event Green Meeting Ideenwerkstatt

Valsana Hotel

Meeting? Why not go green?

Looking for the perfect location for your next meeting? Good news: The search is over. Because the Valsana Hotel and the Arosa mountains not only offer an inspiring setting, here all meetings are green.

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Valsana Hotel

Nature's anti-stress ball.

You look out of the window and see the first snowflakes making their way to earth. Your first thought? Of course - build a snowman! And this is exactly the thought we would like to pursue and invite you: come to Arosa, build snowmen (and women!) with us. A journey back to childhood!

VHA Ice Battery

Valsana Hotel

The coolest thing about the Valsana Hotel?

Our ice battery! This innovative temperature converter is used to power the hotel. Coupled with a sophisticated heat recovery system, the Valsana powered entirely without fossil fuels. Look out for other environment-loving touches across the hotel too.

Discover the world of Moving Mountains, our signature guest experience program designed to help you restore vitality, reconnect with nature and celebrate joy.

“Beyond the refreshing aesthetics the place has bona-fide eco-credentials.”

Best deals of the winter

Arosa Humorfestival Valsana Hotel

Valsana Hotel

Arosa Humorfestival

December 8, 2023 - December 17, 2023

The Arosa Humorfestival is the largest comedy and cabaret festival in Switzerland. Enjoy performances up in the mountains in specially erected circus tent at the Tschuggenhütte.

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Valsana Hotel

Stay for seven, pay for five

December 8, 2023 - April 7, 2024

Sorry, I have to stay a little bit longer... Stay seven nights and pay only five, the best deal of the winter!

Valsana Hotel Arosa Aussicht Winter

Valsana Hotel

Stay for four, pay for three

December 8, 2023 - April 7, 2024

Sorry, I have to stay a little bit longer... Stay four nights and pay only three, the best deal of the winter!

What's on, Valsana?

Two Bedroom Apartment - Cover

Missing us?

Don't worry, we'll be back for you on 8 December! But for all those who really can't do without Valsana, we have good news: our apartments are open 365 days a year. Without hotel service, but with stylish interiors and Valsana cosiness, for holidays in complete freedom.

Valsana Hotel - Twist Restaurant - Sharing Dishes

Valsana Hotel


Our new Executive Chef Steven Tittel is really heating things up in the Twist Restaurant - quite literally. A familiar face in Arosa, after all, he has also performed magic at the Güterschuppen restaurant. His conviction? Sharing is caring. That's why there are now new dishes and little gimmicks.



Who let the dogs out?

We admit it - we did it. And got four doggies for it! The Valsana Hotel was awarded the Award 2023 and is thus one of the 50 best accommodations for holidays with dogs. For the calculation, over 700 accommodations were evaluated and analysed.

Valsana Hotel Stories

The hidden places of Arosa winter thumb


The hidden places of Arosa

Arosa enchants all who visit it with breath-taking mountains and unspoilt nature. Alongside a selection of well-trodden winter hiking trails, this climatic spa resort also offers places for quiet reflection.

How-to-snurf-mit-Claudio-Laage 2r


Learning how to snurf with Claudio Laager

The Snurfer faded more and more into obscurity – hence Claudio’s mission to bring this retro pastime back to life. As part of Moving Mountains, he offers guests snurfing courses and tours.

egga t


7099 Egga Farm Shop – A courageous spirit and close ties to nature

Wagyu beef – delivered on skis? Stranger things have happened. At the Valsana Hotel in Arosa, it is the farm shop 7099 Egga – more precisely, the three Hitz sisters who run it – who are responsible for bringing this vision to life.

TTC RaceForNature 12


The Race for Nature: Six Months On

We are eagerly watching the projects of the conservation organizations that have given us valuable insights into their efforts to protect the environment. Are you curious too?