Just another skin care brand? Think again.

How nature has found its way into our bathrooms.

Imagine you could take a trip through Switzerland without ever moving from your seat. Your journey begins at Lake Maggiore in the canton of Ticino, home to Switzerland’s lushest vegetation. As you breathe in, you catch the scent of the Mediterranean: magnolias, azaleas, palm trees, orange and lemon trees. Not a moment later, you’re in the heart of Arosa’s forests. You inhale deeply, savouring the fresh mountain air and the distinctive scent of the towering pines. Finally, you find yourself in St. Moritz, where woody, smoky cedar blends with seductive spice.

This mental escape is one you can now relive every morning and evening at the Tschuggen Grand Hotel, the Carlton Hotel and the Hotel Eden Roc, where nature has found its way into the bathrooms thanks to new partner nooii (standing for ‘natural oorganic ingredients inside’). nooii’s products contain exclusively Swiss-sourced ingredients that are carefully produced and mixed in Switzerland. The philosophy of the brand is ‘less is more’: high-quality, expertly selected ingredients that are formulated with their goal of enhancing their potency and ensuring optimal compatibility for every skin type. The results reflect the brand’s tireless pursuit of the highest quality standards.


“It was important to me to make a product that people could trust. Trust, I think, is the foundation of good skin and haircare. Safety is important too, of course: I need to feel confident about the things I’m putting on my skin. My products are based on a small number of premium quality ingredients that not only feel great on the skin and hair, but are genuinely nourishing for the body and soul,”

says nooii founder Daniela Schweingruber, a former model and mother of two.

The ingredients in nooii’s skincare products are 100% natural and certified organic by the Soil Association. A base of coconut oil, olive oil and sunflower oil allows the star ingredient – rosehip – to shine. All nooii products are free from palm oils, artificial colours and fragrances, toxins and parabens, animal testing and animal substances. The fragrances are created and mixed by a Swiss company. They consist of fine, natural essential oils, all of which bear the COSMOS NATURAL signature to certify their natural origin.

Schweingruber, who hails from Kilchberg near Zurich, collaborated with experienced perfumers to develop a custom scent exclusively for the hotels of the Tschuggen Hotel Group. The challenge was to combine the three destinations – three landscapes, three habitats, three holiday feelings – into a soothing hair and body care series. This includes a shampoo, a conditioner, a body lotion, a body wash and a hand soap, all of which can be found in the bathroom on your next break with us.


Daniela Schweingruber, nooii founder:

“Developing the perfect fragrance for the Tschuggen Hotel Group was a lengthy process. Again and again we returned to the drawing board, trialled new ways of combining the ingredients, added new ingredients or eliminated existing ones. Our patience more than paid off. We ended up with a fragrance based on the three key ingredients cedar wood, mountain pine and bergamot: three notes that marry the three locations beautifully and are suitable for all genders.”

It’s not only the carefully selected, Swiss-cultivated ingredients that set nooii products apart from the crowd. In keeping with our Moving Mountains philosophy, the concept of sustainability is a common thread running through the every step of the production chain. The manufacturing process is designed to be as environmentally sustainable as possible, and the packaging and labels are made of glass, stone paper and recycled materials. In this we way, we close the loop: we connect the mental escape to nature with the real thing, allowing pristine Swiss landscapes to be soaked up from inside our walls. For our part, our partnership with nooii is a further contribution to maintaining these landscapes in all their splendour.

Want to know more about the nooii manufacturing process, the individual ingredients and the work of founder Daniela Schweingruber? Check back to the Moving Mountains blog for periodic updates and glimpses behind the scenes of this natural cosmetics brand.

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