Carlo Rampazzi exhibition at the Fondazione Majid in Ascona

A fascinating exhibition exploring the life and work of Swiss artist Carlo Rampazzi will be on at the Fondazione Majid until the end of January 2024. An unmissable highlight of Ascona’s cultural calendar, it offers guests an unprecedented opportunity to discover Rampazzi’s impressive ouevre and immerse themselves in his creative world.

Born in Ascona in 1949, Rampazzi has earned a reputation as a respected architect, interior architect and designer. Known for his ‘Maximinimalismobili’ style, he creates unique works that transcend the boundaries of eras or fashions. His art is characterised by a profound understanding of shapes, colours and materials – one that distinguishes each of his projects clearly as a Rampazzi creation.

Carlo Rampazzi x The Tschuggen Collection

Carlo Rampazzi has bestowed his unmistakable stamp on the interior design of the Tschuggen Collection hotels for over two decades. Each hotel is its own work of art, drawing guests into worlds of wonder and piquing their curiosity with thought-provoking ideas. 

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In a sign of his close collaboration and long-standing friendship with the owner family, Rampazzi’s signature style is evident in every detail, from the custom-made furniture to the careful selection of fabrics. Each element of the space sits in perfect harmony with the local landscape. The colour green, a symbol of hope and creativity, plays a central role in the designer’s work. It symbolises not only his design philosophy but the nature around the four hotels, bringing the life-affirming effects of the outdoors in.

Grand Restaurant Carlton StMoritz-1004 ohne Stuhl-Version2

The colour green, a symbol of hope and creativity, plays a central role in Rampazzi's work. It represents not only his design philosophy, but also the nature surrounding the Tschuggen Collection hotels, giving each room a unique, life-affirming atmosphere.

Inspiration in and around Ascona

The Carlo Rampazzi exhibition at the Fondazione Majid is not merely a show but a tribute to an extraordinary artist: one who understands how to turn fantasy into tangible reality.

As a non-profit organisation in the heart of Ascona, the Fondazione Majid is dedicated to promoting young talent from across all cultures and religions. It hosts exhibitions of works by local artists every two months. These exhibitions are free and open to all – a valuable opportunity for art lovers and curious spectators alike.


Fondazione Majid, Via Borgo 7, 6612 Ascona, Ticino, Switzerland

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