A homage to Carlo Riva

Carlo Riva, a legend in the world of boatbuilding, has sparked a revolution with his exceptional design and irresistible Italian bellezza. His mahogany boats, first and foremost the iconic Tritone and Aquarama models, are not only symbols of an elegant lifestyle, but also epitomise perfection in every detail.

In the 1960s and 1970s, Riva boats were not only to be found in the romantic harbours of Portofino, Monte Carlo and St. Tropez, but also on the waters of Lake Maggiore. They attracted admirers from all over the world and became the epitome of luxury and style.

Casa Epper, an oasis of culture and art right next to the Hotel Eden Roc, is now opening its doors for a unique exhibition that brings the myth of the Riva boats to life. Under the photographic direction of Olaf Tamm, you will be immersed in a world of timeless beauty as you experience the magic of these boats in breathtaking images.

The exhibition is more than just a presentation of pictures. Olaf Tamm has a very personal connection to the boats and their history. The photographer describes his first encounter with the Riva family at Lake Tahoe in the USA as fateful. This was followed by an invitation from engineer Carlo Riva to a meeting in Sarnico on Lake Iseo. There, in the historic shipyard, Olaf Tamm conducts long interviews with the famous boat builder. These encounters and trips to Riva meetings in Europe, the USA and Australia not only brought him closer to the beauty of the boats, but also the stories behind them.

Olaf Tamm's photographs are a tribute to these classics created by Carlo Riva from precious woods. They reflect the beauty and perfection of the Riva design and the uniqueness of the experience with and on these boats. The greatest honour for his work came from Carlo Riva himself: “You have captured the soul of the RIVA boats.”


Casa Epper (on the area of the Hotel Eden Roc)

Opening hours:

28 April - 31 July 2024

Monday to Sunday, 9.00 - 17.00 h

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