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Missing us?

Don't worry, we'll be back for you on 8 December! But for all those who really can't do without Valsana, we have good news: our apartments are open 365 days a year. Without hotel service, but with stylish interiors and Valsana cosiness, for holidays in complete freedom.

Valsana Hotel - Twist Restaurant - Sharing Dishes

What's On


Our new Executive Chef Steven Tittel is really heating things up in the Twist Restaurant - quite literally. A familiar face in Arosa, after all, he has also performed magic at the G├╝terschuppen restaurant. His conviction? Sharing is caring. That's why there are now new dishes and little gimmicks.


What's On

Who let the dogs out?

We admit it - we did it. And got four doggies for it! The Valsana Hotel was awarded the Award 2023 and is thus one of the 50 best accommodations for holidays with dogs. For the calculation, over 700 accommodations were evaluated and analysed.

Käsefondue (21 of 34)

What's On

Sweet dreams are made of cheese.

What would a holiday in the Swiss mountains be without fondue? And we make it a real Valsana Experience. Fondue on the room balcony, anyone? Just let us know by 16.00 and we'll prepare your cheesy highlight.

Valsana Hotel -Hochbeet - Arosa - Kräuter

What's On

Because our favourite colour is green...

... all our cocktails are green! Well, not all of them. But we take the greens from our own raised beds. A little tip from us: why not try a delicious, refreshing Basil Smash? Or a non-alcoholic lemonade, spiced up with our herbs.

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