The Tschuggen Collection

One Bedroom Apartment

Eclectic alpine-inspired interiors with generous proportions. All our apartments feature a fully-equipped kitchen, designer wallpaper, industrial chic interiors, embroidered armchairs, oak parquet flooring and have been designed throughout with comfort and the environment at heart.


The space

Complete independence thanks to the fully equipped kitchen - in the One Bedroom Suite you can organise your holiday just the way you like it. Colourful elements characterise the One Bedroom Suite, for a modern yet cosy ambience.

One Bedroom Apartment - Valsana Hotel Arosa

Rest rituals

Our need for rest and the remarkably regenerative qualities of a good night’s sleep are increasingly being understood. That's why we have partnered with the University Hospital Zurich, to create the optimal sleep experience for our guests. Allow in-room yoga and signature spa treatments to help you get the perfect nights rest.

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