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Winter in the mountains


Winter season: 22 November 2024 - 30 March 2025

1,800 metres above sea level is where breathtaking nature and unique architecture collide: your perfect base for winter adventures. The Tschuggen Express whisks you up to the slopes and hiking trails of the Arosa Lenzerheide ski area, where a whole world of snowy fun awaits.

Winter in Arosa



Ski-in, Ski-out

Our Tschuggen Express mountain railway covers a 528-metre route with 155 metres of altitude gain in less than four minutes. Stopping right at the heart of the Arosa-Lenzerheide ski area, it allows you to leave and return to the hotel on skis for ultimate convenience. The Tschuggen Express is reserved exclusively for guests of the hotel and offers room for 12 passengers per trip. What better way to explore the winter landscape?



Fun on the slopes

As the Grisons’ largest connected network of ski slopes, the Arosa Lenzerheide ski area offers more than 221 kilometres of pistes just waiting to be conquered. What could be more thrilling for a lover of winter sports? A variety of blue, red and black pistes mean that skiers of all ages and stages have plenty to choose from – all with spectacular views of the surrounding mountain landscape. For fans of freestyle, the Arosa Snowpark offers four areas with a range of activities for every difficulty level.

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Equipment and skills

Our partner Gisler Sport offers everything you need for the slopes from a convenient on-site location at the Tschuggen Grand Hotel. Choose from modern equipment for hire and sale with the professional guidance of Gisler Sport’s experts. Once in the mountains, Arosa’s Swiss Ski and Snowboarding School is on hand for whenever you need it – for guests of all ages taking their first tentative downhill runs.

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Beyond the slopes

Arosa offers as much to do off the slopes as on them. Sledding, horse-drawn carriage rides, snowshoeing, Nordic walking and more: you choose how you want to experience the winter. Enjoy a taster course in cross-country skiing or pay a visit to the bears of the Arosa Bear Sanctuary. They continue to welcome friendly faces throughout the cold season, as do the squirrels of the Arosa squirrel trail!

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Swim-in, swim-out

Back at the hotel, the Tschuggen Mountain Oasis is your haven of relaxation. Some 5,000 square metres of spa space offer all you need to kick back and recharge your batteries. Float and relax against a stunning mountain backdrop or enjoy an individually tailored treatment or massage to restore your energy for your next day on the slopes.

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Moving Mountains

We believe that people should never stop playing. To celebrate this philosophy, we've curated a special selection of activities aimed at experiencing the Arosa winter through play. Learn new skills and crafts, listen to fascinating stories and find out more about centuries-old traditions as part of our Moving Mountains holiday programme.


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A torchlight hike & wine tasting

The mighty, snow-covered forests of Arosa are a mystical sight to behold all year round. On this evening torchlight hike, we light up the darkness and head through the snow to The Valsana Hotel to enjoy a local wine tasting session.



Building a Snowman

What else is there to do when snow hits the ground but to get outside and build a snowman! These friendly souls are nature’s very own stress ball. Let your creativity run wild as you create your temporary work of art.

Sunrise Walk


Sunrise Walk & Sledging

On this Curated Adventure, we greet the sun with a sunrise walk and reflect on the miracle of another new day. After making our way into the still-dark mountains, we take sledges to arrive at the Bergkirchli and enjoy unbeatable views of the sunrise with delicious tea. What better way to start a day in the Grisons!



Swiss Snowball Chess

Also known as ‘Kubb’, Viking chess is a popular multi-player game that is all about skill and marksmanship. Swiss snowball chess is our very own winter version. Who can throw their snowball closest to the target and take the victory?



Winter walk with Campfire

Each step brings something new as we soak in the idyll on a peaceful winter walk. Our footprints trace our path through the snow all the way to the Tschuggen platform, our destination. Once there, we enjoy a companionable campfire with punch and tasty treats.

Fonude Outdoor


Outdoor Fondue & Snowshoe Hike

What would a Grisons winter be without fondue? This year, we move our classic cheesy event outdoors into nature. As we embark on a snowshoe hike through the snow-covered forests and slopes of the Prätschli, we’ll search for a suitable place to enjoy fondue al fresco.

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Ice bathing in Untersee

Ice bathing not only offers an unforgettable burst of adrenaline, but real health-promoting effects. Our experts are on hand to guide you through a beginner’s ice bathing session at the ‘Eisbadi Arosa’ at Untersee – a one-of-a-kind experience with lasting benefits for the immune system.

Sledge Racing


Sledge Racing

This Empowering Expedition honours the traditional Swiss winter sport of sledging. We take the Tschuggen Express high up into the mountains for a speedy descent, then the race is on! May the best and fastest win!

Full Moon Yoga


Full Moon Yoga & Meditation

Full moons have always held a special fascination for people. It is said to influence health, sleep and even plant growth. But it is certainly an exciting event that occurs month after month. It is particulary beautiful here in Arosa: in winter, when the air is crystal clear, it appears even closer.

Tschuggen Grand Hotel Winter Journal

The hidden places of Arosa winter thumb


The hidden places of Arosa

Arosa enchants all who visit it with breath-taking mountains and unspoilt nature. Alongside a selection of well-trodden winter hiking trails, this climatic spa resort also offers places for quiet reflection.