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TGH Alphornblasen


Playing the Alphorn

This Curated Adventure is a one-of-a-kind cultural experience celebrating the art of the alphorn, one of the oldest customs of the Alpine region. Where could be more
fitting for this uniquely Swiss activity than the panoramic Tschuggen platform?

TGH Angeln


Fishing in Arosa’s Mountain Lakes

Enjoy a morning in idyllic tranquillity, surrounded by a relaxing mountain
panorama. Learn more about naturefriendly fishing from our expert. Once you’ve scored your catch from the shore or jetty, our talented chefs will manage the rest. Look forward to an evening meal to remember!

TGH Sonnenbeobachtung


Chasing the sun at the Observatory

Hop aboard the Tschuggen Express to the Tschuggen Platform and enjoy an aperitif with local speciality ingredients before heading onwards to the observatory. Dive into the fascinating world of astronomy and enjoy the opportunity for conversation and reflection during a mindful guided observation of the sun.

TGH Pilze sammeln


Picking wild Mushrooms and Berries

Join us on a tour of discovery through the forests of Arosa as we forage for wild mushrooms and berries. Back at the hotel, our professional chefs will transform your harvest into a delicious risotto, indulgent pasta or sweet jam.

TGH Steinmaennli



In the past, cairns served as waymarkers; today, they are a form of art. Stack stones carefully to create your own sculpture and experience the meditative calm of this creative pursuit. Afterwards, you’ll have the chance to survey the fruits of your labour – and the breathtaking mountain views – over a tasty picnic.

TGH Sandwicheisen


A traditional Grisons Sandwich Iron

In this tasty Curated Adventure, Salsiz (Grisons sausage), Bündnerfleisch (Grisons meat), cheese and other local ingredients are combined in a traditional sandwich iron and prepared over an open fire. Join us to celebrate the rich variety of Grisons flavours.

TGH Kneippen Eisbach


Kneipp treading

Explore the healing powers of Kneipp therapy with our Outdoor Butler as you learn how to ‘stork walk’ in the cool water. Afterwards, a refreshing picnic with dreamy views of the valley awaits.

TGH Schwimmen-Bergsee


Mountain lake swimming

You can’t get better than a refreshingly cool dip on a warm summer’s day – and the mountains of Arosa are the perfect place to do it. Dive into the crystalclear waters of Älplisee or Schwellisee, surrounded by breathtaking nature nature.

TGH Sonnenaufgangwanderung Hoernli


A sunrise hike to the Hörnli

Sunrise in the Grisons is an experience all of its own. Enjoy a challenging hike from the valley station followed by an energising breakfast in the mystical morning atmosphere: an experience that will stir the heart and stay with you long after it is over.

TGH Wasserfall Spa


A natural Spa - under the Waterfall

This Empowering Expedition celebrates the uniquely refreshing qualities of the natural spa under Altein Waterfall. Savour the clarity and freshness of the flowing water before refuelling with a cosy picnic: an unparalleled experience to revitalise the body and soul.

IMG 0769


A torchlight hike & wine tasting

The mighty, snow-covered forests of Arosa are a mystical sight to behold all year round. On this evening torchlight hike, we light up the darkness and head through the snow to The Valsana Hotel to enjoy a local wine tasting session.

Sunrise Walk


Sunrise Walk & Sledging

On this Curated Adventure, we greet the sun with a sunrise walk and reflect on the miracle of another new day. After making our way into the still-dark mountains, we take sledges to arrive at the Bergkirchli and enjoy unbeatable views of the sunrise with delicious tea. What better way to start a day in the Grisons!



Swiss Snowball Chess

Also known as ‘Kubb’, Viking chess is a popular multi-player game that is all about skill and marksmanship. Swiss snowball chess is our very own winter version. Who can throw their snowball closest to the target and take the victory?



Winter walk with Campfire

Each step brings something new as we soak in the idyll on a peaceful winter walk.
Our footprints trace our path through the snow all the way to the Tschuggen platform, our destination. Once there, we enjoy a companionable campfire with punch and tasty treats.

Fonude Outdoor


Outdoor Fondue & Snowshoe Hike

What would a Grisons winter be without fondue? This year, we move our classic cheesy event outdoors into nature. As we embark on a snowshoe hike through the snow-covered forests and slopes of the Prätschli, we’ll search for a suitable place to enjoy fondue al fresco.

MoMo PLAY TGH VHA US Eisbaden.jpg


Ice bathing in Untersee

Ice bathing not only offers an unforgettable burst of adrenaline, but real health-promoting effects. Our experts are on hand to guide you through a beginner’s ice bathing session at the ‘Eisbadi Arosa’ at Untersee – a one-of-a-kind experience with lasting benefits for the immune system.

Sledge Racing


Sledge Racing

This Empowering Expedition honours the traditional Swiss winter sport of sledging. We take the Tschuggen Express high up into the mountains for a speedy descent, then
the race is on! May the best and fastest win!