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In the south of Switzerland


As the heart of Italian-speaking Switzerland, Ticino has a culinary, musical, literary and artistic scene all of its own. Ascona is the perfect starting point for getting to know it. Situated at the foot of Monte Verità, the town has long been a place of pilgrimage for members of the Lebensreform movement and seekers of utopias and counter-worlds.

Summer in Ascona



Water sports

We never tire of looking at the deep blue of Lake Maggiore – yet its beauty is far from the only thing it has to offer. Experience the adrenaline rush of water-skiing, wakeboarding or trick skating. Alternatively, you can also spend a relaxing day on the water, be it on comfortable luxury charters, sailing or motorboats or on a tour across the lake. Our partner Asconautica is available directly at the hotel to provide you with expert advice and the necessary equipment at any time. Further information here.

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Casa Epper

Ignaz Epper was a leading exponent of Swiss expressionism. His wife Mischa, herself a gifted artist, left behind her own important artistic legacy. Both were drawn to the shores of Lake Maggiore seeking inspiration for their art – and Casa Epper was where they settled. The former residence and workshop of this artistic pair became part of the Hotel Eden Roc in 2020 and now hosts regular workshops, exhibitions and fascinating talks by local heritage organisation Agora Ascona. Casa Epper is open daily to guests of the Hotel Eden Roc and other visitors to the area.

GOLF 141



Why a golf holiday in Ticino? Because every shot will be one to remember – and if you don’t quite make the mark, the breathtaking views of rolling hills and lakes will be more than enough to ease the blow. Visitors to the region can choose from no less than 18 golf courses, all of which are easily reachable from the Hotel Eden Roc. Measuring 5,948 metres in length, the Ascona Golf Club is located just 1.4km from our door. The next-closest course in Losone comes in at 6,250 metres.

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The branching valleys of Ticino make it the ideal place for all-day walks and hikes. The Valle Maggia, Centovalli and Valle Verzasca are three of the most interesting, with the latter dubbed the ‘Maldives of Switzerland’ in reference to its deep blue bathing spots. With its iron flower, Monte Verità – literally the ‘mountain of truth’ – still radiates the mysticism for which it was once known: it is famed as a former meeting place of Lebensreformers, artists, pacifists and writers like Hermann Hesse.



City trip to Milano

Ciao, Milano - and in just two hours! Why not use your stay in Ascona for a shopping trip to Milan? The metropolis is quickly and easily accessible by train as well as by car. Whether for an aperitivo on the piazza, sightseeing or a stroll through the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele - back at the Hotel Eden Roc, rest and relaxation await after an exciting day. 

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Moving Mountains

We believe that people should never stop playing. To celebrate this philosophy, we've curated a special menu of activities aimed at experiencing the Ticino summer through play. Learn new skills and crafts, listen to fascinating stories and find out more about centuries-old traditions as part of our Moving Mountains holiday programme.


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Sightseeing Workout

This is sightseeing reimagined – a workout for body and mind. This extraordinary tour takes in hidden gems of the region on the way to Monte Verità. Guided strength exercises get the blood pumping at several planned stops. As well as admiring the fantastic views, you’ll hear stories about the place we call home.

Soaring above the clouds- an introduction to paragliding



On a clear day, the summit of Locarno’s mountain, Cimetta, offers a rare view of the highest and lowest points in Switzerland. From this unique scenery, your experienced tandem pilot will be waiting to drift away with you into the Ticinese sky. Expect breathtaking aerial panoramas to inspire and invigorate the soul.

MoMo PLAY HER Fischen LagoMaggiore


Fishing on Lake Maggiore

Tight lines! Listen to the gentle lapping of the waves as you head out on Lake Maggiore in the calm morning in search of zander, perch and whitefish, With a little luck, you’ll be heading back to the hotel with a fresh catch to enjoy for dinner.

Learning from the best- boccia with local champions


Boccia at Casa Epper

Did you know that Ticino is the birthplace of the boccia world champion? This enjoyable game enjoys enduring popularity in the region and is part of its distinctive cultural identity. It’s only fitting, that our weekly Ticinese evening kicks off with a friendly round of play.

Tavolata a Corippo- the first ‘albergo diffuso’ in the Ticino


Visita a Corippo

The Italian term ‘albergo diffuso’ roughly translates to ‘scattered hotel’ – a hospitality concept that uses old buildings for tourism. The centuries-old settlement of Corippo has been lovingly renovated. Enjoy a tasty lunch on arrival before a fascinating tour of this beautiful, virtually abandoned village.

HER Segeln


Sailing on Lake Maggiore

Savour the gentle breeze on your face as you set sail with our experienced skipper. As you admire the scenery, you’ll be regaled with interesting anecdotes about the region we call home.

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Bicycle tour

Want to explore Ticino on two wheels? On this Empowering Expedition, our Outdoor Butler guides you along hidden paths and through the picturesque forests of the region, passing idyllic villages and stunning viewpoints along the way.



Harvesting honey from our bee hotel

Situated high above Lake Maggiore are the eight buzzing hives of the hotel’s own bee yard. With a beekeeping suit for protection, you’ll get up close with our busy workers and collect your own sample of their precious liquid gold.

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Sunrise Hike

Beginning directly from the hotel door, this Empowering Expedition heads via Piazza Giuseppe Motta to the Parco Parsifal and onwards to Balladrüm viewpoint. While the hike requires a moderate level of fitness, the effort is well rewarded – not only by tasty refreshments, but by spectacular views of the rising sun.

Ascona from the water- a kayaking tour



The early hours of the morning on Lake Maggiore exude a magic all of their own. Viewed from the water, the former fishing village of Ascona is radiant in its unspoilt beauty – perfectly complemented by shimmering azure blue.

0424 HER Art-Butler


Art Butler

Book our passionate resident artist Maddalena Mora for an art workshop that’s tailored entirely to you. Whether engraving, sculpture-making or a guided museum tour, Maddalena’s knowledge and passion is on hand to help you explore your creative whims.



Discover Ticino with our Outdoor Butler

Explore Ticino through fresh eyes as our Outdoor Butler accompanies you on unforgettable adventures. Journey into pristine nature, scale a peak with stunning views of Lake Maggiore or take a tour of discovery through the Maggia and Verzasca valleys: you decide where the day takes you.

Hotel Eden Roc Sommer Journal

The Hidden Places of Ascona 2


The hidden places of Ascona

Ascona delights with its mediterranean climate and breathtaking landscape. We know the spots where you will be able to find time for yourself and your thoughts and take a break: these are the Hidden Places.

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Springtime in Ticino: 5 reasons to head to Ascona

Azure blue lakes, Mediterranean palm trees, an attractive climate and Swiss conviviality: Ticino really does have it all. Read on to find out why you should pack your bags and make your way to Switzerland’s southernmost tip to exper...

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A homage to Carlo Riva

Become part of a fascinating journey through the history of the legendary Riva boathouse. From April to July 2024, the "Immagini del Momento" exhibition at Casa Epper will be showing photographs by Olaf Tamm that showcase elegance a...