Moving Mountains

Discover the world of Moving Mountains, our signature guest experience program designed to help you restore vitality, reconnect with nature and celebrate joy.


We believe that play is as important for our bodies and minds as any functional movement class or nourishing meal. To celebrate our locations, we have curated a set of empowering adventures for our guests designed with nothing more than pure unadulterated fun in mind.

Play experiences

TGH Anlaesse Private Mountain 2021 Snurfen 1

Valsana Hotel

Snow meets surf – "snurfing" in the mountains of Arosa

As its name suggests, “snurfing” mixes surfing and snow – and it’s a sport we’re thrilled to rediscover. Hotel director Claudio Laager will accompany you for your first attempts on the board. Later we’ll try out our skills below the Arosa Bergkirchli.

MoMo PLAY TGH VHA US Eisbaden.jpg

Valsana Hotel

An adrenaline Kick: Ice bathing

Ice bathing offers not only an unforgettable adrenaline kick, but real health-promoting effects. Our experts are on hand to guide you through this unique experience – one with lasting benefits for the immune system.

MoMo REST TGH VHA Bergkirchli Winter

Valsana Hotel

Listen to the silence – A silent walk to Bergkirchli

Find inner peace and perceive the here and now with every step. A silent walk is a chance to reflect on what really matters: ourselves. Our destination is the Bergkirchli, where we’ll enjoy a spectacular sunrise over an impressive mountain backdrop.


Valsana Hotel

The taste of winter – Roast your own chestnuts

What does winter in Arosa taste like? Like home-roasted chestnuts, of course! With the Tschuggen Express we take you up into the mountains. In a fire bowl you prepare your own chestnuts – with homemade punch.


Valsana Hotel

Claudio’s Dinner Club

Besides his role as General Manager, Claudio Laager is a hunter, fisher, snowboarder and passionate chef. Most importantly of all, however, he’s a proud Grisons native. This winter, he invites you to join him at his home for an exclusive supper as part of his Dinner Club.


Valsana Hotel

Grilled sandwiches and ‘Feuerzangenbowle’

Salsiz, Grisons meat, cheese, Grisons barley and cranberry jam: delicious specialities combined in a traditional regional sandwich. The sandwich is prepared using a sandwich iron over an open fire and served with ‘Feuerzangenbowle’, a traditional German drink.

MoMo PLAY TGH VHA Sonnenaufgang Ski

Tschuggen Grand Hotel

Sunrise skiing on the Weisshorn

Skiing reimagined – as a sunrise adventure. Join us on the Weisshorn, where the first rays of sunshine will beam down on your ski helmet and the rising sun will recharge your batteries. It’s a chance to enjoy the ski slopes all to yourself.

Snow Mandala 8

Tschuggen Grand Hotel

Making snow mandalas

Each step a new experience: On snowshoes we hike from Prätschli through the snowy forests of Arosa. Once we arrive at our destination we’ll let our creativity run free by stomping mandalas in the snow. The result is captured from above by drones.


Tschuggen Grand Hotel

Meals & memories: Grisons paella with Ingo Schlösser

In addition to being a newly appointed director of the Tschuggen Grand Hotel, Ingo Schlösser is a passionate cook. Join him in the kitchen to reinvent traditional Grisons barley soup and create your own delicious ‘Grisons paella’. This culinary experience can be plant-based if desired.


Tschuggen Grand Hotel

A cross-country skiing class with Silvana Schlösser

Tschuggen Grand Hotel Director Silvana Schlösser has been a passionate cross-country skier since six years of age. It’s a passion she now invites you to share. Join her cross-country skiing class to experience your first strides on cross-country skis.

IMG 0769

Tschuggen Grand Hotel

A torchlight hike with wine and cheese tasting

Accompanied by the light of torches we set off through the idyllic forests of Arosa. Our destination? The spectacular Restaurant Alpenblick. Once there, we’ll sample an extraordinary selection of wines and cheese curated by local culinary expert Beat Caduff.


Carlton Hotel

Tobogganing: Winter like in the olden days

Awaken childhood memories or create entirely new ones with a perfect family excursion. The toboggan run from Preda to Bergün is one of the longest illuminated runs in Europe. The wind in your face, and fresh mountain air: winter as it was in the olden days.

sgraffito ch

Carlton Hotel

Scratched into eternity: Create your own sgraffiti

‘Sgrafitto’ is the Italian handicraft that adorns Engadin houses and helps to give the villages of the region their unmistakeable charm. Under the watchful eye of handicraft experts you’ll learn what’s behind the symbols and how to make your very own sgraffito.

Ice Carving

Carlton Hotel

Carve an ice sculpture: Create your work of art

In this curated adventure, Engadin native Reto Grond will introduces you to the art of ice carving. Set your creativity free, produce your own artwork and satisfy your desire for creative self-expression.

austin-kehmeier-k- 7Z5z5--Q-unsplash

Carlton Hotel

Water tasting at the Forum Paracelsus

As a source of iron and carbonic acid, the mineral springs of St. Moritz achieved great fame in the Middle Ages. It was Parcelsus who discovered these healing powers. The spa is still standing today. Learn more about the famous soft water on a tour and tasting.

MoMo Play CH Eishoehlen Morteratsch

Carlton Hotel

A tour of the glacier caves

Nowhere is the power of winter felt more than in the everlasting ice of a glacial cave. Together with an experienced guide, our outdoor butler will accompany you into the ice caves of the Morteratsch Glacier. This empowering expedition is a gateway to another world.

Rent a Mountain

Carlton Hotel

Rent a mountain: A piste all your own

For a whole evening, the slopes of the Corvatsch can be yours alone: 4.2 kilometres of pure piste entirely at your disposal. Ski instructors and outdoor butlers will be on hand to ensure that things run smoothly.

ice-carlton experience

Carlton Hotel

Ice bathing in Lake St. Moritz

Ice bathing offers not only an unforgettable adrenaline kick and real health benefits. The exposure to cold causes the blood vessels to dilate and circulation to improve, leading to an endorphin rush.

“Serata Ticinese”- Ticino evening with friends

Hotel Eden Roc

“Serata Ticinese”: Ticino evening with friends

Authentic Ticinese sharing platters, polenta fresh from the fire and regional wines are your companions for atmospheric winter evenings in Ascona. Get up close with the tradition and culture of the region in the Restaurant La Casetta.

MoMo PLAY HER US Sauna trifft See

Hotel Eden Roc

Sauna meets lake – Cooling off in Lake Maggiore

Experience the rejuvenating combination of hot and cold at the Sauna & Lake Experience. First comes the Swiss herbs infusion, where the body is gently encouraged to sweat; afterwards, Lake Maggiore provides the necessary cooling.


Hotel Eden Roc

Essenze della Natura: Ticino Alchemy class

Join our Head of Bar Pantaleone "Leo" Zoccali to uncover the essence of nature. You’ll use the art of distillation to extract the flavours of Ticino herbs and make your own “flavoured water”. This can then be used to make oil, mocktails or cocktails.


Hotel Eden Roc

Tea tasting on Monte Verità

Tea from Europe? A real rarity. Reason enough then to create its own Curated Adventure – and on the iconic Monte Verità, no less. On the tea plantation, we dive into a world of aromas, discover how tea is processed and taste local tea varieties.


Hotel Eden Roc

Take in Ticino with our Outdoor Butler

Explore Ticino and see the region with fresh eyes as our Outdoor Butler accompanies you on unforgettable adventures. Scale a peak with views of Lake Maggiore or take a tour of discovery through the valleys of Maggia and Verzasca. You decide where the day takes you!

Ascona from the water- a kayaking tour

Hotel Eden Roc

Ascona from the water: a kayaking tour

Kayaking in winter is a one-of-a-kind experience made possible by Ticino’s famous microclimate. A trip on the water lets you see Ascona like you’ve never seen it before, with the winter tranquillity of Lake Maggiore serving as a particular highlight.

Moving Mountains Special

Hotel Eden Roc

A sunrise hike to Balladrüm

Equipped with headtorch and rucksack, we set off from the hotel on a hike to the Balladrüm viewpoint. While this experinces requires a moderate level of fitness, the effort is well rewarded – not only by refreshments, but by breath-taking views of the rising sun.

Please note our Play Experiences can only be booked in conjunction with an overnight stay at one of our hotels.

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