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Full Moon Special


Full moon Specials

The full moon has fascinated humans since time immemorial. From January to March, Outdoor Butler Aleksandra will accompany you into the night for Moving Mountains experiences under the moonlight.

Carlton Hotel Moving Mountains PLAY Outdoor Butler Aleksandra


Take in the Engadine with our outdoor butler

Explore the Engadine through fresh eyes as our Outdoor Butler accompanies you on unforgettable winter adventures. Trek through the snow, scale a summit, glide over the ice or enjoy a high-speed ski tour: you decide where the day takes you.

Abenteuer auf dem Schnee - Moving Mountains PLAY - Carlton Hotel


Adventures at Lej da Staz

Experience the snow in all its facets - that’s what this curated adventure promises. Firstly, you travel by coach to Lej da Staz. The frozen lake is explored on ice skates. The return journey is by torchlight on a hike through the snowcovered



Torchlight hike

A step-by-step experience: our torchlight hike brings to life the magic of an alpine winter wonderland at night. It culminates at at Lej Nair (the ‘Black Lake’), a mystical body of water surrounded by majestic mountains.

Ice Carving


Carve an ice sculpture

In this curated adventure, Engadin native, Reto Grond, will introduce you to the art of ice carving. Set your creativity free, produce your own artwork and satisfy your desire for creative self-expression.

Carlton Hotel Moving Mountains PLAY Forest Bathing


Forest Bathing

A special start to the day! Even before the sun rises, we head out into the woods around St. Moritz. The energy of the forest is soaked up during breathing exercises and yoga elements. The highlight comes at the end: a spectacular sunrise in the mountains of the Engadin.

ice-carlton experience


Ice bathing in Lake St. Moritz

Ice bathing offers an unforgettable adrenaline kick. Our experts are on hand to guide you through this unique experience that has lasting benefits for the immune system.

Rent a Mountain


Rent a mountain

For a whole evening, the slopes of the Corvatsch can be yours alone: 4.2 kilometres of pure piste entirely at your disposal. Ski instructors and outdoor butlers will be on hand to ensure that things run smoothly.




Tobogganing can awaken childhood memories or create entirely new ones. The toboggan run from Preda to Bergün is an unforgettable outing for the whole family. Experience winter as it was in the olden days.

MoMo Play CH Eishoehlen Morteratsch


A tour of the glacier caves

Nowhere is the power of winter felt more than in the everlasting ice of a glacial cave. Together with an experienced guide, our outdoor butler will accompany you into the ice caves of the Morteratsch Glacier. This empowering expedition is a gateway to another world.

Moving Mountains PLAY Carlton Hotel Snow Shoeing



Winter equals skiing? Not at all - after all, there are countless ways to explore the winter. On snowshoes, for example - from Muottas Muragl. Take the cable car to the top and continue on snowshoes until you are rewarded with a breathtaking view.

Moving Mountains PLAY Carlton Hotel Winter Canyoning


Winter Canyoning

The winter experience of a different kind: Winter canyoning. The Pontresina mountaineering school will introduce you to this adrenalin-fuelled sport. Then it’s off into the gorges of the Engadin - climbing, hiking and gliding over ziplines past frozen waterfalls. You won’t get wet

Carlton Hotel Moving Mountains PLAY Skikjoring



Standing on skis while being pulled by a horse - that’s skijoring. A legendary, if not very well-known, sport that originated in St. Moritz in 1906. No wonder, the high alpine and snow-sure valleys of the Engadine are the perfect place for it.