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Full Moon Special


Full moon Specials

The full moon has fascinated humans since time immemorial. From January to March, Outdoor Butler Aleksandra will accompany you into the night for Moving Mountains experiences under the moonlight.

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Take in the Engadine with our outdoor butler

Explore the Engadine through fresh eyes as our Outdoor Butler accompanies you on unforgettable winter adventures. Trek through the snow, scale a summit, glide over the ice or enjoy a high-speed ski tour: you decide where the day takes you.



Adventures at Lej da Staz

This Curated Adventure celebrates winter in all its facets. In the afternoon, we take a horse-drawn carriage ride to Lej da Staz – the lake in the middle of the magnificent Staz pine forest – and don ice skates to glide across the frozen water. After taking in sunset from the lakeside, we hike back to the hotel through snow-covered forests accompanied by the glow of torchlight.



Torchlight walk

On this Curated Adventure, each step brings fresh delights as we soak up the night’s magic under the starry sky. The destination of our hike is the mystical Lej Nair (the ‘Black Lake’), in a valley framed by majestic mountains. As we walk, our path is lit by the warm glow of flickering torches.

Carlton Hotel Moving Mountains PLAY Forest Bathing


Forest bathing

Early morning is when we set out to explore the forests of St. Moritz in their winter guise. Once there, relaxation and gentle yoga practice connect us to the elemental forces and encourage a deep sense of mindfulness: a rejuvenating experience for body, mind and soul.

Ice Carving


Carve an ice sculpture

Join Engadin native Reto Grond for a wonderful introduction to the art of ice sculpting. Let your imagination run free as you bring your one-of-a-kind creation to life: an experience to recharge your artistic soul.



A Segatini tour

The Engadin through the eyes of an artist Trace the footsteps of Italian painter Giovanni Segantini on an exclusive guided tour of the Segantini Museum and the painter’s former studio in Maloja. You’ll dive deep into the legacy of the famous artist: a journey through time via the wintry landscapes he so masterfully captured.

Eisbaden Aleksandra bearbeitet


Ice bathing in Lake St. Moritz

Ice bathing pushes the body to its limits, releases endorphins and challenges us to overcome our fears. Our experts are on hand to guide you through this one-of-a-kind experience with lasting benefits for the immune system.

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Yes, winter means skiing – but it also means so much more. Here in the Engadin, snowshoes are just one of the many alternative ways to enjoy the season. Take the cable car to the top and continue on snowshoes until you are rewarded with a breathtaking view.

MoMo Play CH Eishoehlen Morteratsch


A tour of the glacier caves

Nowhere is the power of winter felt more than in the everlasting ice of a glacial cave. Together with an experienced guide, our outdoor butler will accompany you into the ice caves of the Morteratsch Glacier. This empowering expedition is a gateway to another world.

Rent a Mountain


Rent a mountain

For a whole evening, the slopes of the Corvatsch can be yours alone: 4.2 kilometres of pure piste entirely at your disposal. Your very own ski instructor and our Outdoor Butler will be on hand to ensure that things run smoothly.

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Husky sledding

Sit back and let magnificent huskies pull you across the glistening snow as your guide provides a glimpse into the lives of these highly specialised working dogs. This extraordinary experience will leave you with a newfound love for this friendly breed and a heart full of lasting memories.

Carlton Hotel Moving Mountains PLAY Skikjoring



Standing on skis while being pulled by a horse - that’s skijoring. A legendary, if not very well-known, sport that originated in St. Moritz in 1906. No wonder, the high alpine and snow-sure valleys of the Engadine are the perfect place for it.




Discover the Engadin from a bird’s eye perspective: gliding through the air with an experienced tandem pilot. The breathtaking panoramas that reveal themselves below you will nourish and rejuvenate the soul.

Moving Mountains PLAY Carlton Hotel Winter Canyoning


Winter canyoning

An adrenaline-packed adventure! Expert instructors from the Pontresina Mountaineering School accompany you through the hidden gorges of the Engadin – climbing, hiking and gliding on ziplines past frozen waterfalls and icy rock faces. You won’t get wet.

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Horseback riding

Enjoy majestic views of the landscape from high up on horseback. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider, professional riding instructors will show you the most beautiful sides of the Engadin. At a walk, trot and gallop.



Ice skating on the frozen lake

Glide across the ice on skates, where art meets winter magic. The
frozen lake is transformed into a stage for elegance and skill. This sport demands balance and grace, but also provides magical moments that convey a feeling of boundless freedom with every turn.




Off you go! The Engadin is home to Europe's longest floodlit toboggan run. While some love the adrenaline rush of speed, others simply enjoy the descent. The Preda-Bergün toboggan run promises a successful outing for young and old.



Horse-drawn carriage ride

A romantic carriage ride through the snow-covered Stazerwald forest is one of the highlights of a stay in St. Moritz. Snuggled up in blankets, you can admire the picturesque landscape from the back of the horses.



Bird feeding in the Stazerwald

On clear winter days, the snow-covered Staz forest beckons you to stroll through the picturesque winter landscape and meet some of its very special inhabitants. The birds are particularly keen for food during winter and will often approach you and eat out of your hand. Tip: You don't need to bring your own bird food. The Staz forest has numerous feeding stations with appropriate feeds for the species that live here.