The Tschuggen Grand Hotel is «the most spectacular spa in the Alps»

The Tschuggen Grand Hotel is the big climber of the year in this year's ranking of the "75 best winter hotels in Switzerland" published by the Sonntagszeitung. The hotel has thus climbed from eighth place in the last ranking to third place.

TGH 2019 Tschuggen Express 6

Karl Wild explains the big leap as follows: "The hotel's own luxurious mountain railway in front of the hotel, which leads directly to the ski area, has become an absolute hit." The Mountain Lofts, newly opened this winter, as well as "four restaurants - La Brezza with two Michelin stars - the hotel's own magnificent mountain restaurant Alpenblick, the most spectacular spa in the Alps and a confident management team round off the impressive picture." - is the further explanation.

"We are extremely pleased about the big leap and would like to thank Karl Wild for the great ranking and also for the trust he has placed in us all to maintain and build on this," said Silvana and Ingo Schlösser, hotel management at the Tschuggen Grand Hotel, on being awarded 3rd place.

Tschuggen Mountain Loft with exclusive slope access (1)
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