Familiar faces take on new positions in the Tschuggen Hotel Group

The Carlton Hotel St. Moritz and the Valsana Hotel Arosa will have a new management. In a very exciting phase for global tourism, the Tschuggen Hotel Group is relying on long-serving and deserving employees who have helped shape developments in recent years and know the hotels and their destinations inside out. 

Arosa (June 2, 2021). With the general managers Stephanie and Michael Lehnort, the Carlton Hotel St. Moritz gets two experienced hosts. After several stations in Germany and Switzerland, including Brenner's Park-Hotel & Spa, Gstaad Palace and Park-Hotel Vitznau, the two were able to redefine the topic of sustainability in the Swiss hotel industry and set clear standards in recent years in the newly opened Valsana Hotel Arosa as pioneers. With this knowledge and their two sons in tow, they will return to their former place of work and adopted home of St. Moritz from August 1, 2021, where Michael Lehnort already worked as vice general manager at the Carlton Hotel from 2011 to 2018. The further development of the hotel and the strategic orientation towards sustainable luxury with added value will be among the important tasks of the two.

The Valsana Hotel Arosa will then be taken over by Claudio Laager from Grisons. As the current vice general manager of the Tschuggen Grand Hotel Arosa, which belongs to the same group, the path to the Valsana is not far. His many years of professional experience in renowned hotels in Switzerland and abroad - including 5 years in the management of Badrutt's Palace St. Moritz, as well as his local ties will give him a successful start to his new task.

Whether this summer in Arosa or next winter in St. Moritz, the focus in both hotels and in the entire group is set despite the ongoing global and societal challenges - they want to give time back its value. With Moving Moutains, the Tschuggen Hotel Group, inspired by the fascinating landscape surrounding the hotels, has created a holistic vacation experience for all guests - with the aim of strengthening vitality, rediscovering nature and celebrating life. It is all the more gratifying to be able to tackle these themes with long-standing employees and familiar faces in new positions.

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