Moving Mountains: The ‘Dream Butler’ experience

The restorative effects of sleep have been recognised by humans since time immemorial. Increasingly, scientific research is also making strides in this important field. Good sleep has a demonstrably positive influence on many aspects of waking life, not least that it makes our brains more receptive and faster to process information. It’s no exaggeration to say that good sleep is the foundation for an optimal quality of life.

REST is one of the five pillars that underpins Moving Mountains, our unique concept of holistic wellbeing. As its name suggests, REST dedicated to sleep and relaxation. At the four hotels of the Tschuggen Collection, we make it our mission to create the ideal conditions for a deep and restorative night’s sleep.

It is with this goal in mind that our ‘Dream Butler’ service was conceived – a holistic experience that sets guests up for a dreamily relaxing evening and helps them drift off for a perfect night of rest.

The best preparation for a perfect night’s sleep

If you opt for the Dream Butler experience, you’ll meet beforehand for a relaxed, friendly conversation about your preferences, hopes and goals. You’ll also discuss the pillow menu and find out more about the pillows we offer, each of which has special advantages for optimal sleep.

The real Dream Butler experience begins in the spa in the evening, where the body will be encouraged to slowly and gently wind down after adventures in nature. The first step is a relaxing footbath to warm the feet and promote optimal temperature regulation, a process known to help improve the quality of sleep. The footbath is followed by a massage to loosen stiff muscles. Essential oils are used in the massage to calm you and relieve any remaining stress.

It’s not just the body that undergoes careful preparation, but the conditions in the hotel room, too. While you enjoy being pampered in the spa, the humidity, room temperature and lighting in your room are adjusted optimally for deep relaxation.

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Good nutrition as the basis for restorative rest

While preparation of the body and environment is essential, there’s more to a perfect night’s sleep than that. Before it’s time to nod off, you’ll be served a delicious, gut-friendly meal in your room with ingredients carefully selected by expert nutritionist Rhaya Jordan. Rhaya will ensure that your food is wholesome, fresh and in harmony with nature. White flour and refined sugar are eschewed in favour of whole grains and natural sugars in the form of syrup from native trees. Dishes are primarily or fully plant-based in line with your wishes, and all menus are informed by cutting-edge findings in nutritional science.

Your meal will be served with a special bedtime tea to aid digestion. As well as being easy on the stomach, the soothing warmth and fragrance deliver a soothing treat for multiple senses.

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Sweet dreams!

Once the body is prepared for the perfect night’s sleep, it’s time to turn our attention to the mind. While we’d always advise avoiding blue light from mobile phones and other screens close to bedtime, it’s especially important if you wish to derive full benefits from your Dream Butler experience. To help you wind down, hand-picked ‘sleep stories’ are placed on the bed as night-time reading to clear the mind and quieten the thoughts.

Sleep well, and sweet dreams!

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