The Hidden places of Arosa

Arosa’s breath-taking mountains and unspoilt nature invite reflection and enchant visitors. Alongside the numerous well-known hiking trails the scenery offers places to switch off and relax.

Arosa’s breath-taking mountains and unspoilt nature invite reflection and enchant visitors. Alongside the numerous well-known hiking trails the scenery offers places to switch off and relax. To help aid your rest during your stay with us, we have curated a list of hidden places where you can reset amid the Alpine tranquillity.



Take a walk through Innerarosa and explore the Grisons Walser village. This is the oldest part of Arosa where you can still see the timehonoured way of constructing pasture fencing and discover traditional wooden houses with their blessings inscribed under the gables. Take some time out and rest on the bench outside the Eggahuus – the local history museum.

TIP: Make sure you visit the history museum which was opened in 1949. It provides an excellent introduction to Arosa’s past.



A leisurely walk over lush Alpine meadows will take you up to the Furgga Alp in just 25 minutes. This trail takes you along the railway line down to the reservoir before it starts to climb slightly. We recommend taking a short break at the top of the Alp to admire the view before setting off again into the woods. Look out for the countless lady’s slipper orchids which cover this area in the summer. This protected subfamily of orchids grows abundantly in the cool shade of the woodland floor.

TIP: This is a spectacular location to catch the sunset and watch as the day quietly comes to a close.



2,000 metres above sea level on a panoramic plateau, you will find the Walser village of Medergen. Nowhere else in the Arosa region seems more lost in time than this small Walser settlement. The Walser houses have neither electricity nor running water. In spring time some of the houses are still inhabited. Take a journey back in time and stroll along ancient and nostalgic paths.

TIP: Home-made specialities from the region await you in the Alpenrose mountain restaurant, a wooden house several centuries old.

MoMo REST TGH VHA AT Bergkirchli


Built in around 1492, this small mountain church is the oldest building in Arosa and a local landmark. The listed church is a quiet place steeped in history and a wonderful retreat where you can rest in tranquillity.

TIP: Take a walk along the old church path, just as the village dwellers used to do, and enjoy one of the most beautiful and meditative paths in Arosa, which in autumn is lined with countless toadstools.

MoMo REST TGH VHA AT Alteiner Wasserfaelle


The Altein waterfalls are a source of local power. The hike to these falls takes around 45 minutes and will lead you through the Welsch ravine to the smaller of the two falls. To get to the larger of the falls, go over the small bridge and admire the impressive rock faces along the winding paths. Once you arrive, lose yourself in the mesmerising and hypnotic sound of the water crashing against the riverbed.

TIP: Just after the Alteinerwasserfall/Alteinsee turn-off, you will go past a precipice that reveals a breath-taking view of the gorge and the thunderous stream and waterfall.

MoMo REST TGH VHA SS Sternwarte


The Astrophysical Observatory sits directly above the Tschuggen Grand Hotel. When in operation it was an outpost of the Federal Observatory in Zurich. It was built in 1939 with the specific purpose of observing the sun’s corona. Althoughit is not actively used today it is still a fantastic place to retrace the footsteps of the astrophysicists of the past and to marvel at the starry sky on a clear night.

TIP: Ask our team to prepare a picnic basket for you and watch the Arosa sunset from this former observatory.

MoMo REST TGH VHA RF Wettsteinhuette


Beside the river and surrounded by woods, you will find the quiet Wettsteinhütte area of Arosa. An interesting walk to this location will take you to the Untersee lake and past the town swimming baths towards Isla. Follow the signs (Wettsteinhütte) across the suspension bridge, bearing right and following the river along the narrow forest path until you reach Wettsteinhütte.

TIP: The impressive landscape of the Isla region will give you a view of the Altein waterfalls and, with a little luck, you will find some rare lady’s slipper orchids in the surrounding forest.