Tschuggen Hotel Group is pleased to partner with Swiss brand, nooii, specialists in sustainable and organic beauty and bathroom products

Zurich (9 February 2022). Advancing climate change and the protection of the environment are among the most important challenges of our time, and never more apparent than whilst exploring the impressive natural scenery which acts as home to each of Tschuggen Hotel’s Group five-star hotels. The prominent philosophy of caring for the environment has been a focus of the family-run hotel Group for many generations, recently accelerated through innovative technologies. Introducing nooii bathroom products to Tschuggen properties is a small nod to the Group’s wider best-practices, and a nod to the incredible natural beauty which brings guests to each location.

Produced and packaged locally and sustainably, the Kilchberg-based company, nooii, echoes the same values of quality and responsibility as Tschuggen Hotel Group. Using only natural or organic ingredients, nooii products guarantee the best results for every skin type. The ingredients of the nooii skin care products are all certified organic by the Soil Association and are based on high-quality, natural oils and rosehip. All nooii products are free from palm oils, artificial colours and fragrances, toxins or parabens. No animal testing or animal substances have been used in any product. Founder of nooii, Daniela Schweingruber comments, “It was important to me to make a product that you can trust. Yes, I would say trust is the foundation of good care. Few but high-quality ingredients form the basis of my products, which not only feel good on the skin and hair, but also really do you good, inside and out."

Daniela Schweingruber developed a bespoke range of care products for Tschuggen Hotel Group in Kilchberg near Zurich together with experienced perfumers. Using ingredients inspired by the locations of each of the properties such as cedar wood, mountain pine and bergamot, the three notes perfectly combine the three locations Arosa, St. Moritz and Ascona and are suitable for all genders. Only available to hotel guests, the care experience complements Tschuggen Hotel Group’s holistic guest experience initiative, Moving Mountains, which puts nature first. From the first to the last step of Tschuggen Hotel Group AG – Zeltweg 7 – CH-8032 Zürich Tel. +41 (0)44 576 92 92 – – production, nooii embraces a transparent production process and is designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible, using glass and recycled materials in its packaging. The optimised use of resources is a top priority at the Tschuggen Hotel Group so that guests can enjoy holidays at the highest level and with a clear conscience.

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